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We are an impact studio dedicated to foster positive environmental and social changes


In 2020, it has become impossible to ignore the call for more social and environmental justice. We believe that all stakeholders have the power and the duty to answer the call and become impact plugs.

This is why we work everyday with profits, non-profits and individuals to design, implement and communicate their commitments.



but always with Ethics and to improve your Ethics.


but always with a sustainable consciousness and to serve your purpose.


but always with a desire to engage and to amplify your positive impacts.


but always with the intention to create the best fit for your specific needs.


but always with the ambition to create the solution that drives your purpose forward positively.


but always to share, to engage and to serve your transformation.



your impact strategy and the journey to make it singular and fair.



your stakeholders ans suppliers through trainings and a stream of positive changes.


your organisation to decentralised the CSR actions.




the best talents and solutions to ignite both direct and indirect positive impacts.


Céline Dassonville

Céline Dassonville

Founder and CEO

#Impact #Tech #Luxury for good

Former General Manager of TBWA Corporate and Global CSR Director of CARTIER…

Thibaut Ledunois

Thibaut Ledunois

CSR Consultant

#Sustainability  #Fashion

Specialised in social and sustainability innovation, with a special focus on fashion…

Denise Fontaine

Denise Fontaine

CSR Consultant

#Sustainability #Fashion

Denise studied International Management and Sustainability at Bocconi University Milan and SciencesPo Paris…

of expertise

sustainable fashion & luxury

Fashion and luxury companies are under strong scrutiny and expected to be sustainable, engaged and ethical. However the culture of secrecy, their traditions of quality and the complexity of the sourcing of their raw material makes it challenging.

Our in-depth knowledge of hard luxury, based on significant work experience in the field, allows us to understand and support the full scope of the necessary transformation and to guide our clients.

We also run a podcast on “Luxury for good.”

future of work under climate change

What should you do when workforce stops applying for jobs in companies that have no sustainability ambition? What if they refuse to board a plane because it will impact their ecological footprint? How will you respond when they request to work from home during a heatwave? At Ethiwork, we work on these topics with various think tanks and are able to offer customized and clever answers to organizational and engagement problems both present and coming.

tech in/for good

Technology, as a major transformational tool, can have both positive and negative impact on organizations and on the world at large. At Ethiwork, we believe in supporting our clients create successful business models while mitigating possible negative effects of tech and setting the basis for positive impact.

impact education

Education is key for change, not only for young generations, but for every professional who wants to learn more and transform to its environment. Which is why we strongly believe in impact education and commit ourselves by giving classes (Essec MBA, Celsa) and trainings in companies.



create impact

for a more sustainable future.


work with ethics

because ethics is a basic.


amplify and inspire

to become part of a greater movement.

we do

We have developed an expertise, as well as tools and methodological kits for each level that must be tackled by companies who commit for real social and environmental impact

define purpose

Every company, NGO, institution and individual is different but each needs to address its singularity and define its purpose in the world to come. We have created a range of assets to help you.


ground your beliefs and mission

We walk the talk with you, grounding your belief at the heart of your business, your innovation and engagement strategies turning engagements into qualified and quantified measurable actions.


engage stakeholders

We guide you to train your employees and help you design actions that will foster your transformation toward a more sustainable organization.


_ethiwork is an impact studio

Ethiwork is an impact studio dedicated to foster positive transformations.

We strongly believe in the importance of confronting ideas. Let’s share ideas and become more impactful together.

ethiwork lance son podcast Luxury for Good

Lancé le 17 mars 2021 par Céline Dassonville, fondatrice et dirigeante du studio d’impact ethiwork, Luxury for Good, podcast bimensuel, met la lumière sur la transformation discrète mais radicale d’un luxe nouveau qui prend ses responsabilités par rapport à son...

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